Fans are eager and cannot hold their excitement in to see Shah Rukh Khan in a pure love story after almost 5 years. Recently in Mumbai, an event was hosted by Red Chillies Entertainment for the release of the trailer. RCE has come up with a unique marketing and promotion plan with this movie where they slowly introduced the main characters of the movie Harry and Sejal with 5 mini trails of the movie.

We get to know about our protagonist Harry’s “cheap” character traits in this mini trail 1.

Will Harry sign the indemnity bond about “intercourse” presented to him by Sejal? Find out more in this mini trail 2.

What excuses is Harry giving Sejal for not helping her? This mini trail 3 leaves us hanging in anticipation.

Sejal wants to tell Harry the meaning of her name. But is Harry interested? This mini trail 4 shows that he doesn’t care.

Where is the ring? The search for the ring is the backdrop for our characters to travel all over the world. What do they find in this search? Mini trail 5 leaves us wanting to know more about their journey.

With Increased excitement of the fans with these mini trails and 4 songs, we finally caught the release of the trailer. The event in Mumbai was themed as Sejal’s engagement party, right from the flower decorations to the shehnai and the stage set up. Everything gave the aura of a typical gujju wedding party. Shah Rukh Khan, being in LA during the time, joined Anushka Sharma and Imtiaz Ali through video chat.

Finally the long awaited trailer released, and even though we were wondering how in the world would they be able to top the amazing Mini Trails, after watching the trailer we realized that they indeed made it even more better.

The trailer promises a story with love, laughter, adventure and heart. A story about 2 souls finding each other and themselves during the journey of finding something else.

We cannot, cannot wait for the movie to release.

Catch our review of the movie, a pure fan’s perspective, here on 4th August.

Catch the trailer of Jab Harry Met Sejal here:


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