Rab ne bana di jodi, a movie that was ahead of its time in the way that when we talk about body shaming today, RNBJ talked about it 8 years ago. The hero does not need to be sporting designer clothes, have a 6 pack body, come from money or even spout unealistic romantic dialogues. It brought love in its most common form to us.

Shah Rukh Khan’s character, Surinder, showed us that there is love in the most simplest of our day to day lives. We just have to open our eyes to see it. A gutsy move, no doubt, by SRK, when he decided to leave his star persona behind, and don the robes of the common man. Even his portrayal of Raj, is not the stereotypical “hero material. You do not fall in love with Raj immediately. Raj is loud, in your face, wannabe. Surinder is simple, caring, subtle and someone wanting to fade in the background. No one of the roles are even remotely near the Raj or Rahul of the films, that made SRK the heart beat of millions.

Aditya Chopra has brought forward love in its most day to day form in RNBDJ. Love that wakes up in the morning, gets ready and goes to the most boring job in the world. Love that wants nothing but the comfort of the other person. Love that always puts the other person first. Love that is willing to do everything in the world, to make the other person happy. Be it as simple as pushing down a plateful of biryani on a super full stomach, or as difficult as letting the other person go with somebody else, just to see her happy.

Suri is love. In all his off white shirts, spectacles, mustache, formal pants teamed up with sport shoes, Suri is about love. He fantasies dancing with his loved one, just as shown in the movies. But as suri, that is all that he dares to do. The most beautiful part of Suri is that he is comfortable in his own skin. He can understand that someone may not fall in love with him. But he is completely ok with that. He knows what he brings to the table. And that makes him even more likable. Love is so much more about the looks and the appearance. Love is about how you make the other person feel. And that is what Suri is about.


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