Shah Rukh Khan is one of the most popular stars, not only in the country but all across the world. He makes millions go crazy for him. Across genders, borders, backgrounds, race, age, his popularity defies all. Why do we love him so much? You can ask each one of us this question and you will get millions of different responses. His films have been the biggest hits ever in the Indian Film Industry. He has been a part of so many different types of stories and storytelling. But is that enough to justify the millions and millions that are in love with him? The fact is that each and every fan of his has a different reason for loving him. Every fan connects to him in his own personal way. The love, most of the times, is on the border of reverence. What is it about this man that the crowds outside Mannat just go on increasing with every passing year?

Here are some of the reasons according to me (apart from his films) that the love for Srk has almost made him into a demi god.

He treats his fans with respect: You can ask any of his fans that have met him, and they all say the same thing. He treats them like his friends. He always takes out time for them. He indulges them, pampers them and showers them with love. He is extremely respectful of the love that he receives from the world. And he makes it a point to give it back.

He treats women with dignity: Be it on screen or off screen, his love for women is historic. He has always admitted that he loves women from the bottom of his heart, whether they are the women he works with, or otherwise. He has always stated and urged boys to treat women with respect. Every woman who has worked with him has this one thing to say about him, that he makes them feel loved and comfortable.

He is beautifully human: Even though he is always expected to behave like somebody who is above human emotions. He is beautifully human, with all his flaws, even at this stage of his stardom. He has been perceived as arrogant in his early years. He makes mistakes, and he has no qualms about apologizing for the same. He accepts his short comings. He has never tried to hide his vices. He has always been vocal about material attachments. He wants to be spoiled. He is as human as any other guy.

He is a complete family man: You can literally feel the love he has for his family, every time he speaks about them. His eyes twinkle at the mention of his children every time. The respect that he gives them as individuals is heartwarming.

He is extremely entertaining: And this is apart from his movie roles. His each and every interview is an extremely joyful experience. He knows how to capture the audience with his wit, and he delivers to the audience much more than they ask for, each and every time. He says that he has become quieter publicly with regards to his sense of humor, as he feels that many people tend to get offended with his jokes. But his quirky sense of humor is extremely appealing, and one of the main reasons why people who may not like his films, still are his big fans.

He can laugh at himself: This is perhaps his most endearing quality that makes him connect to so many people. He can take a joke on himself so brilliantly. Be it, being a part of spoofs, or stage shows, or being self deprecating, he can acknowledge and appreciate a joke on himself.

His brilliance: Not only is he an expert about his field of work, but he is extremely well read about other things too. He keeps himself up to date about the happenings in the world. According the people who have worked with him, he is knowledgeable about so many other things apart from his work. He reads a lot. He is a great orator. He inspires so many millions, with his thoughts and actions. He always has been the pioneer of trends when it comes to marketing his films.

And when you think about his films, there has hardly been anyone who has taken more risks than him. The variety of characters that he has tried to essay in the past 25 years is staggering. He is the one who wants to keep on trying something new every time.

He keeps himself forever young: And I don’t mean that physically. He has been the one who is always kept abreast with the young. Be it through technology, or the way he brings himself forth, he seems approachable to everybody. He seems like a friend, someone whom we can imagine sitting and chilling with a cup of coffee in our home. His approach-ability is one of the main reasons for his ever increasing fan base through varied generations.

He is the true example of dignity of labor: Whether it may be dancing in weddings or selling products. Dancing on stage, to hosting events, he has always been a poster boy for dignity of labor.

And last but not the least, SRK is love: Love is the most powerful emotion in this world. Every hate story is nothing but a love story in reverse. And nobody can portray love better than SRK. His every particle oozes love. One look into his eyes and you believe he loves you. His expressive eyes can take you to a world which is far far away. He can wrap you in a love bubble, which will be impossible to get out of. He sells love. SRK is love.





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