We Tried To List Down All The Learnings We Got From SRK’s Life

SRk Learnings

Dear Mr Khan

You have taught us a lot , inspired us to no extent , and motivated us to give it our all. Your life itself has been a huge inspiration for us. Knowingly and unknowingly, we have tried to emulate your journey, in an attempt to become better people.

These are the lessons/ learnings summarized, that we have learnt from you over the years:

1) No matter where you start from , the destination can definitely be as high as the stars.

2) Hard work , hard work , hard work . There is no alternative to hard work.

3) Age is just a number when it comes to hard work.

4) Commit the mistakes that are specific to, as well as the identity of that age.

5) Commit mistakes and apologise from the bottom of the heart. There is no shame in taking back your words.

6) Youth is the most important asset . Keeping in touch with the young minds around is necessary for growth as well as sustainability .

7) Recognize that everything has a shelf life , and to be a part of the current hearts , is to remain one step ahead of the market around you.

8) Family is the most important .

9) Giving respect to everybody around , goes a long way in gaining respect.

10) It is ok to be born average. What you make of that averageness and turn it into something phenomenal is up to you .

11) Dignity of labour .

12) There is nothing wrong in having material desires.

13) There is nothing wrong in believing that ā€œIā€ am the best. Even if some people tell me otherwise.

14) To stay young , surround yourself with the young. Learn from the young.

15) Being big is more about giving than receiving.

16) Dreams do come true. Sometimes much much more than you can ever expect.

Thank you for making your life an example for us to follow. Thank you for inspiring so many millions of us to be better human beings every single day.


Your Fans

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