When The Name Matches The King – Baadshah (27 Aug 1999)


Baadshah (27 Aug 1999)

2 h 55 min

Action, Comedy, Crime

Twinkle Khanna, Shah Rukh Khan, Amrish Puri, Johnny LeverĀ 

Director: Abbas Mastan

A classic case of mistaken identity which leads to a comedy of errors, Baadshah is a movie that can be watched and enjoyed every time it comes on television. Shah Rukh Khan plays the lovable private detective Baadshah, who is trying extremely hard to make it big in the world.

A chance case leads him into a whirlwind of confusions and lands him right at the door of an a murder attempt of the Chief Minister. The laugh riot that ensues, coupled with Baadshah’s helplessness about his situation, child kidnapping and a leading lady whose heart he has broken, makes this movie an utter delight to watch.

Watch the title song of the movie, which incidentally perfectly describes Shah Rukh Khan.

Here are a few dialogues of the movie:

  • The amalgamation before the fluctuation and ramification of the constitutional ambiguity and the judicial paradoxical position can be a verbal turmoil.
  • Kabhi kabhi dil jodne ke liye dil todna padta hai … aur dil todkar jodne waale ko … pata nahi kya kehte hai
  • Jinki zindagi choti hoti hai … unhe bade bade vaade nahi karne chahiye
  • Badshah ke paas badshah nahi aayega toh kya ghulam aayega
  • Shandaar jagahon par jaana aur jaandaar logon se dosti karna … mera shaunk hai
  • Yeh aadmi hai ki mutton ki dukaan

SRK can pull of amazing romance even while pretending to be blind. Watch the catchy song here.

And then who can forget the extremely romantic song Hum toh deewaane huye yaar…

Also watch the crazy antics of Shah Rukh Khan during the making of the song:

Baadhah is a perfect family entertainment movie that Shah Rukh Khan is famous for. This is the sort of clean entertainment that an entire family can sit together and enjoy.

So as Baadshah completes 18 years since its release today, what are you waiting for? Enjoy this rainy Sunday afternoon with Baadshah on Netflix.





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