Dear Mr Khan, We Cannot Thank You Enough For Everything


Hands folded near your chest, head slightly bowed down, that is how you greeted each and every one of us yesterday. You were unwell, extremely tired, we knew that. You spent an hour standing, greeting each and every one of us with love pouring out of you. How can we thank you enough for what you have given us?

We tried to grab your hand, hug you, kiss you. You let us. You let us invade your personal space. You not only tolerated it, but obliged, indulged and even pampered us.

You welcomed the invasion of your personal space with a warm smile. Each and every one who walked out of that room had the same thought in mind, “I had a special connection with him right now.” You gave that special moment to each and every one of us.

SRK Fans during the meet and greet
You were so humble with your love, you were thanking us for our love. And that is what stayed back with us. This will stay back with us for the rest of our lives.

Very frankly you don’t owe us anything. You do your work sincerely, you work so hard even at this stage, you give your work your 110 percent. You are keeping up your end of the bargain. Your status, your money, your stardom, everything is earned by you. And extremely fairly.

We as fans should never demand a part of you, just because you are a public figure. We did not make you. You are where you are by yourself.

We love you and admire you to the moon and back. In this bargain, you have entertained us for 25 years now. We have laughed, cried, fell in love, danced .. all with you. You don’t owe us anything more . And you still tolerate us. You still go above and beyond your capacity to accommodate us. We understand and respect that. And love you all the more for that.

I can’t even imagine how overwhelming it must be for you. When millions demand a piece of you. When millions claim to own you.

So at the end I just want to say that we, as your admirers, appreciate you. We appreciate you indulging us. We appreciate you entertaining us. And we appreciate you loving us . You do not need to. But you still do. Thank you for all the love. Thank you for this connection.

Lots of love to you too.



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