Monday Morning Shah Rukh Khan Inspiration

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Shah Rukh Khan has never let his fans and followers down when it comes to giving inspirational quotes, which definitely start a wheel of thoughts churning in our minds. Be it his interviews, speeches, or just plain simple banter, he gives enough fodder for our gray matter. His life itself is an inspiration for all of us. On top of that his thoughts and what he believes in, is sure to give us a direction when we feel that we are lost.

As we begin the week with Monday morning blues, here are some quintessential SRK quotes which are sure to energize you and keep you going for the rest of the week.

About dreams, ambitions and being grateful about your blessings.

srk inspirations

About being a superstar and all the perks that come with it.

inspiration quotes

Sometimes you just have to believe in the bigger picture and do it.


inspiration destinyBelieve in your own self, your own goodness and your intentions.


Of playing the game the right way. Of sometimes overcoming your basal instincts in the game and being true to goodness.

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Sometimes you just have to surrender your arms in front of destiny.

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Yet again he proves that age is just a number when it comes to hard work.

inspiration workI wish we could let our failures be as dignified.

inspiration win

This is perhaps the most important one of all that has touched our hearts with resonance. About dealing with failure without letting it affect your journey in a negative way. A little bit if embarrassment is all it takes for a bad cloud to pass over.

inspiration dignityThere is so much to learn and get inspired from by each and everything that SRK does. We hope that these quotes will be able to get you through some rough patches and  motivate you to concentrate




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