SRK Movie Moments That Are Sure To Touch Every Indian’s Heart


Over the years there have been many a moments in Indian cinema that have given us patriotic goals and have actually given us goosebumps. Shah Rukh Khan started his career with Fauji as Abhimanyu Rai. Fauji dealt with the lives and hardships of Indian soldiers. Over the years there have been some amazing moments in SRK films that have stood out particularly because of their patriotic undertones.

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On the occasion of India’s 70th Independence day, we have listed down some of these moments from SRK movies which highlight the highest kind of love ever, the love towards our motherland.

Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge

Even though DDLJ became famous as a love story between Raj and Simran, the patriotic undertones in the entire movie is something that we cannot forget. Not only is Baldev Singh terribly missing his motherland, even Raj who is born and brought up in a foreign land, very much close to understanding his culture and values.

Who can forget the scene between Raj and Simran when Raj plays a prank on her but later explains his intentions and his understanding about Indian values.

Mujhe pata hai ki ek Hindustani ladki ki izzat kya hoti hai.

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The song, Ghar aaja pardesi tera des bulaye re even though not pictured on SRK, definitely has made every Indian living abroad to shed a tear in nostalgia and love for the motherland.

Chak De India

This entire movie is about patriotism so taking out any one moment from it is not possible. But these two moments definitely stand out.

When Kabir Khan is trying to bring together the team and enforces about leaving behind the territorial differences and focusing on India.

This is the scene which touches hearts like no other. When finally Kabir Khan has proved his patriotism and by that hopefully managed to wipe out the unfair allegations on him.

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This song is just enough to send you on a fervor filled trip.

Veer Zaara

This movie focuses on a love story between two nations.

In this song we can see the pride in SRK’s heart as he sings about his nation.

Mothers are the same everywhere, whichever the country. The moment of realization and acceptance by SRK as he bows down before a mother from another country is too beautiful.

“Mere mulk ki har ma aap jaisi hoti hai.”

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Swades is definitely among the top ten movies in every movie lover’s list. The entire story is about returning to your roots. This ballad which yearns for the motherland makes one’s eyes wet with tears.

Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani

A funny take on the reality about India, this song had become extremely popular.

Happy New Year

Even though the movie is not about patriotism, this song and the events that lead up to it, will definitely strike a chord in every Indian.

Dil Se

The moment when SRK embraces death and love in one instant, without thinking, to save a country from terrorist attacks, is extremely underrated and beautiful.

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