Woh Toh Hai Albela – A Die Hard Fan Relives The Moments Of Sunil And Ana

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The moment I shared ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’s” trailer on Facebook, “people” in my friend list kicked off a “Why??? Why SRK??” campaign against me. Yup, whenever any friend talks like this he becomes “one of those people” for me, a third person!! To be very frank, I am very much used to these types of comments and questions from various kinds of idiots around me. Obviously I always ignore them. SRK & I, we both never cared what people think. He continued entertaining me and I kept myself busy in watching his performances with wide open eyes!

It was 25th June 2017, I was reading about SRK completing 25 years in the industry! 25 years !!!! That also made me realize that I am crossing my mid thirties. Anyways, that’s not the point! While reading about his journey, parallel thoughts of “Why, when and how I started following this guy from Delhi” started bugging me. And surprisingly it took me hardly 30 seconds to reach the conclusion! The answer was, Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa!

A very simple, yet pleasant movie directed by Kundan Shah! That was the huge ‘haan’ to the initial steps of becoming a Jabra fan of Mr Khan!
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The story was about Sunil, a boy from Goa. Oh, Sunil & me, we had so much of similarity. A member of a middle-class family, low-liking for education, without any lifelong ambition, but…devoted to the girl he had befriended. He bluffed his parents, friends, goons and anyone who dared to challenge his devotion. He used to cheat his friends with the purpose of ‘retaining’ the friendship of the girl. In spite of this, he was truly innocent and had a clear mind. He never wanted to hurt anyone! With all open mind, he himself used to express regret after realizing that he had made the blunder.

Everything is mirror of my life or even most of us! No studies, having a blast with a friend circle and most importantly, our luck was the same too.

Whenever I used to find my ‘Ana’, she was already with her Chris.

woh srk
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Shah Rukh enacted the role of Sunil in such a lively manner, he made Sunil real for me. Playing the mouth organ and aimlessly roaming on Goan streets, creating (bad) stories about Ana to misguide Chris, his disappointed face when Ana returned without a gift for him, his feeling of elation when a cheating friend was fooled in China Town, but feeling bad about it later. Sunil was burning with jealousy whenever Ana laughed on Chris’s jokes or Ana convinced Chris when he was displeased. Sunil’s eyes revealed guilt as soon as he realized that he threw a party on the basis of a fake mark sheet.

In all these scenes Shah Rukh has shown all sorts of maturity, talent and skills which are possessed by a great actor. But I think it was ‘Ae kash ke hum’ song where he reached a new high. The song depicted fulfillment of the dream of meeting Ana on a cruise, afraid of his lies being exposed before her, the curiosity, the joy, the surprise. Everything spelled out through his eyes. Simply incredible!

Even though he was mad about Ana with true love, he was the one who helped Ana and Chris get into wedlock.

As a small kid watching this movie, I got so involved and felt sorrowful for Sunil on that count, but nevertheless sported a pleasant smile on my face when he was seen with Juhi Chawla.

Watch the lovely song here:

In one line, I just loved the ‘Sunil’ as played by Shah Rukh with so much intensity, that since 1994 I dreamed about wearing a green jacket, playing harmonica and riding a bike on the narrow streets of Goa. Thus, the fan moment began in 1994. The picture ends with a dialogue “Jindagi main kabhi haan kabhi naa hota rahta hai” But In case of his movies, it was always a ‘yes’ and very few times ‘no’. But even his “no” movies never had any impact on me following him! The fan-ness in fact grew with time!

In the past few months, Dear Jindagi, Fan, Raees and Jab Harry Met Sejal make me believe that the actor in Shah Rukh is very much alive. Raj, Rahul, Mohan Bhargav, Jehangir Khan, Kabir Khan, Viki Malhotra, Raj, be it anybody, he actually made them real for me.

I am always thankful to you for that Mr Khan. Congratulations on completing 25 amazing years. And I cannot wait for the many more to come.

I guess now is the time to watch his ‘Kabhi Ha Kabhi Na’ on Netflix. This time in HD.

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