Congratulations Mr Khan For 27 Million Followers on Twitter

27 million srk

Shah Rukh Khan has crossed 27 million followers on Twitter, and we at SRKUniverse cannot be more thrilled with this milestone. Twitter is the place which connects us directly to our idol. Be it the witty answers to #AskSRK sessions or some random midnight philosophy, all of us wait with bated breath for our notifications to ping with @iamsrk.

Many of the fans have gotten a direct reply by King Khan over the years. It has become a thing of pride and honor to receive a reply or a retweet from him.

For many of us, Twitter is a place to talk to him. We vent out our frustrations, share our dear moments with him, talk to him, express our love for him, and even create a fantasy world with him. For me personally, drunk dialing has been replaced with “drunk tweeting to SRK”. In our hearts we believe that he might be getting our messages. It gives a good feeling to have this fantasy bubble with him, where there might be just the smallest chance that our voices will be heard by him.

Right now SRK mentions are like a thousand a second. Every time he tweets, we fans go crazy replying to it, in the faint hope that he might see our reply. His every tweet is sure to get a minimum of 10 thousand likes. And if the tweet happens to be a picture of his kids, the internet just cannot stop gushing over the cuteness. He joined twitter on 3rd Jan 2010. And there was a time initially when @iamsk tweets would get like only around 50 replies. Can you guys even imagine that?

Here is his first tweet ever as he joined the Twitter world, and gave us fans a chance to connect directly with him.

As @iamsrk crossed 27 Million followers on Twitter, we collected some of his tweets over the past 2 years. Tweets which have given us inspiration on a dark day, love in a lonely moment, something to smile about, and lots of adorable cuteness.

This tweet was in reply to a fan after crossing 25 Million followers. 

Inspiration, thou name art Shah Rukh Khan.

Did our hearts just explode with this cuteness??

Hotness is in the air!!! (Yup, that’s a bad pun. I get it)

Impossible to resist doing the SRK pose, wherever you may be.

Heart… Cannot.. Handle.. Anymore… Cuteness….

The miniature Spidey is super adorable.

The moment when even the higher powers up there just sit back and enjoy looking at their masterpiece.

So many dreams!!!!!!

I am sure many ovaries would have exploded after seeing this pic.

This was a reply to a fan’s question asking “Why are you so hot?” 

And he can draw too…… Is there anything you cannot do Mr Khan?

Have a look at some of his most philosophical tweets over the years:

Mr Khan, congratulations once again for this milestone of 27 million. We hope from the bottom of our hearts that your followers keep on increasing.

And what about another #AskSRK session again?



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