SRKUniverse Nepal Team Lends A Hand To The Flood Victims

SRKians take pride in following in Shah Rukh Khan’s footsteps when it comes to philanthropy. Recently there have been devastating floods in the eastern parts of India, Nepal and Bangladesh. More than 175 people have lost their lives and more than 48000 homes have been submerged in water. Thousands have become homeless due to nature’s wrath. Amidst this, the team of SRKUniverse in Nepal are trying to voluntarily help the victims as much as they can.
One of the admins, Saroz, helped to arrange everything. They have opened a foundation under the name, SRKUniverse Nepal Foundation. The team went out and collected funds immediately to help out the flood victims of Itahari, Nepal.
The team found an old age home where there were around 500 flood victims. They realized that this place was not getting any help from anywhere. So the team decided to donate to that home.
A team member who was from Itahari, helped in gathering volunteers for this donation program.

Here is the list of the necessities that were donated through the collected money.

1)Rice = 200Kg
2)Flattened Rice = 20Kg
3)Toasted Rice = 40kg
4)Biscuits= 500+
5)Pulses = 18Kg
6)Water= 180 bottles
7)Soyabeans = 20Kg
8)Salt = 50Kg
9) Oil = 1 carton
10)Noodles = 30 pieces

SRKUniverse Nepal has been an official branch of SRKUniverse since 6th April 2015. 9 admins in total handle all the work of SRKUniverse on the ground as well as on various Social Media platforms.

Always inspired by SRK, the team here has done some fabulous job, especially in the time of need. They are the true examples of real fandom, when the love for a celebrity is just not restricted to the stardom, fashion or the lifestyle of the celebrity. Instead they also chose to imbibe the quality of being real humanitarians, just like SRK is.

Lives in Nepal are still affected by the floods, and the team is confident that they will be working on similar initiatives soon. Great work team ‘SRK Universe Nepal’!. We really hope your work inspires others!


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