Which Game Of Thrones Character Would You Like To See SRK As?

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The seventh season of Game Of Thrones has finally ended and now we have to wait for one and half years for the series finale. The series has everything, right from dragons, walking dead, zombie polar bears, dirty politics, fire resurrecting the dead, and at the same time fire killing the un-dead. And last episode, with bleeding hearts, we saw an ice dragon being created. We all have our favorite characters in the series. We all are rooting for any of the good guys to sit on the throne. For all SRKian game of thrones fans, just for fun, lets combine the two things that we love.

Lets see how we would like it if SRK played one of our favorite characters on the show.

Jon Snow

Lets begin with the King of the north. He is by far the character with the most followers. And now we know about his legitimate claim to the iron throne. He is one the most honest and straight forward characters of the series, but who unfortunately became famous for knowing nothing. If SRK would play the sexy northerner, I am pretty sure he would definitely know a little bit more than Jon Snow.

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Tyrion Lannister

This dwarf is perhaps the most liked character in Game Of Thrones. Constantly the underdog, he has had to fight his way at every step for survival. His wit and intelligence makes him the closest to SRK’s personality. SRK would be a blast as Tyrion Lannister. He would make him even more witty and helpless. Oh I would just love to see SRK playing Tyrion.

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Jamie Lannister

Jamie has had the most beautiful character arch in the entire series. We start by hating the guy to almost feeling bad for him, to now liking him. Yes he could be a little more stronger in the spine area. But still as I imagine SRK playing one of GOT characters, Jamie definitely is at the forefront.

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Khaal Drogo

Though this character did not survive the first season, he is still someone whom people remember. Imagine SRK playing the huge, angry Khaal Drogo, kohl eyed, bare chested on horse back. Just cannot get that image out if my mind. And of course then he would be married to Daenerys becoming the father of dragons.

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Of course and how can even the Night King resist the temptation to do the SRK Pose

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And even though he cannot become Khaleesi, I would love to give an arm and a leg just to see SRK in the visual of flying a dragon.

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Do let us know which are your favorite Game Of Thrones characters and which character would you love to SRK portray.

PS: Apologies for the extremely bad Photoshop skills.

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  1. I would prefer Jon Snow. But you photoshop skill killed all the excitment… Lol 😂 Anyway, kinda liked your article 🙄🙄 good job..

  2. In every charector SRK looking perfect.bt Tyrion Lannister charector is most suitable infant the upcoming movie srk charector relatable…


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