SRKUniverse 4th Anniversary Special – Messages From Around The World – Pranav


Loving messages from around the world about SRKUniverse

For me SRKUniverse has to be one of the greatest Fanclubs around the world, and I’ve a sound basis for this opinion of mine.
What is the best thing that a Fanclub can does? I think the answer would be to make the fans meet their idol.
You’re the greatest because you’ve done many good things- like having global FDFS events for every SRK release which I can tell, even without being able to be a part of one, must be beautiful experiences, as you’re bringing a group of people devoted to a common cause together to catch the first glimpse of something that they were so eagerly waiting for since such a long time, and I think that such experiences ultimately end up furthering the groups’ love for that cause. Also, you’re regular with other events too-SRK meets, Fandom awards, interactive sessions, etc. You’ve also provided the fans a platform to come together and interact with each other in the form of But above all, as I said before, SRKUniverse is the greatest because it has been able to make hundreds of fans like me who had till now seen the person they love so dearly only on a screen in front of them meet their idol in person. I think that’s your biggest achievement and I think that it’s the blessing of all those fans that will always keep you going for 40 more years.
Thank you for all that you’ve done for us fans, and wish you all the best for the future.




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