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It has been two decades since most Indian women lost their hearts to his disarmingly dimples. From locks to tailored suits to bangs to those six packs, Shah Rukh Khan has effortlessly charmed his way into countless female hearts with his style. And yet, he does not believe he is suave.

Here are some quotes from a series of interviews with the man himself, conducted in the light of some film promotions over a period of two years

I am not stylish, I try to be so

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You think I am stylish?? Oh boy!! Truth is I have always tried to, and failed miserably, at being stylish. To some people – Robert Redford, Sean Connery, Dilip saab and many more – it just comes naturally. Main toh kitna bhi kar loon, I just don’t look good. But yes, I have improved with the influence of my stylists, hairdressers, make-up men, friends such as Karan, and of course my wife Gauri. It’s to Gauri’s credit that I keep trying out new designs, keeping in tune with the prevalent trends. Inherently, I am a jeans-t-shirt-sneakers person. So if you call that style, I should be grateful.

My first memories of style are thanks to Eid

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We used to wear these kurta-pyjamas with kalaf (starch), which I used to hate. I’d wear pants instead of the pyjamas. But mom used to force me to wear it, which is how I got the habit. Now I force my kids to wear them (smiles). I sell the achkan to them by saying they are like Matrix (outfits; from the film), so they look cool.

My father is my style icon

My father did not have to dress up to be stylish. The way he walked, even the way he stayed silent – I wish I could have even a fraction of the style he had and how he conducted himself – his whole life.

I am obsessed with perfumes

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I think my nose is so prominent for a reason. I just love perfumes, aftershaves, deodorants and anything that announces your presence from afar or before you. Karan (Johar) keeps chiding me for doing this, but I keep mixing two or three perfumes at a single time. So at one time, I will have at least three fragrances on me. Gauri used to say it gave her a headache, but Karan refuses to adjust. I like people going “mmmm”  when I enter a room or a lift. It is nice. (smiles)

…and jeans…

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A classy blue pair of jeans and a slim-fit white shirt is my idea of style – and if I want to go formal, I will probably throw a black coat over them. But nobody can separate me from my denims. Rick Springfield and Bruce Springsteen are my ultimate style icons because they wear white t-shirts and blue jeans. My wife tells me I have more than a thousand pairs so I haven’t bought new jeans in the past five years. So when you see my torn jeans, they aren’t designer wear, they’ve just worn off. I am very finicky when I buy my denims. If I like a pair of jeans, I buy two or three of the same kind. I have a fetish about the fit of my jeans and the denim needs to be soft and not too hard and rough. And yes, I’m judgmental about guys who wear skinny jeans. Jeans have to be loose. I get put off by ill-fitting jeans. In Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, the jeans were uncomfortable. I used to take it off and wear my own after the shot was over. I think I went bananas over denims while shooting for Om Shanti Om as I could wear jeans from two time periods – retro and now. I kept all the pairs for myself. I am happiest working with directors who will let me wear jeans from my wardrobe.

…and with my hair

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My obsession with my hair stems from the fact that both my parents had very thick and luscious hair. My mother would keep running her fingers through my hair – even though it was very rough and unruly. I don’t want it becoming that way again. I remember when we were shooting for Billu in Pollachi, the water was very hard, and I confess, I must have added to the woes of the unit by asking for mineral water for my shampoos.

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