The C Gang Completes 33 Years


The notorious C Gang, which includes Super star Shah Rukh Khan, enters into its 34th year. The actor, along with four of his close friends, (Bikash Mathur, Vivek Khushalani, Raman Sharma and Ashok Vassan) had formed a special gang at St Columba’s, known as the C-gang, where ‘C’ stood for cool.

Here is an excerpt from an article written by Anupama Chopra about the C Gang.

The highlight of Shah Rukh’s school days was the creation of a ‘gang.’ On September 9, 1984, eighteen-year-old Shah Rukh and four of his closest friends formed the C-Gang. The C stood for cool. Coolness was the group’s mission, function and reason for being. The boys worked toward it. Vivek Khushalani was the rich kid. His father brought T-shirts from America for the gang. Each shirt had the C-Gang logo and the member’s name at the back. Raman Sharma’s cousin, a graphic designer, created the logo. She painted a tiny but visible ‘C-Gang’ on their white uniforms so that even in school their special status was underlined.

The other members were Bikash Mathur and Shah Rukh’s closest friend Ashok Vassan. Outside school, the designated C-Gang uniform was gray Nike shoes, blue jeans and white T-shirts. The boys had laminated identity cards made in a shop in Connaught Place for 25 rupees (50 cents) each. The cards had a picture of the bearer and the date the gang was started, 9-9-84.

The dictatorial Brothers allowed the C-Gang to thrive at St. Columba’s perhaps because it was mostly innocuous posturing. The C-Gang’s rebellion was confined to being cool. Even when the boys broke rules, it was always just short of being illegal. One night, they ran away from their respective homes—each one said he was spending the night at another person’s house. For a few hours, they watched planes land from a spot near the Delhi airport called Jumbo Point. The police found them playing hockey on the road and detained them until dawn. This was the extent of their teen spirit.

All five boys came from different backgrounds. Raman’s father was a pilot. Vivek’s was a businessman who manufactured equipment for oil and gas wells. But these disparities were rarely discussed. They hung out at Nirula’s cafe in Chanakyapuri and played video games for twenty-five paise (a fraction of a cent) each in the basement of the Chanakya movie theater. For these outings, they pooled their meager pocket monies. When they could, they went bowling at the Qutab Hotel bowling alley. They could rarely afford five star hotels and nobody talked about whose father was richer. The boys went to parties dressed in identical C-gang clothes and often forced the other dancers off the floor by doing the moonwalk and break dancing. They spoke in language left over from Hollywood films: ‘Yo,’ ‘Yaooza’ and ‘Hang ten!’ were favorite expressions.

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We hope the C Gang stays as strong as ever for many more years to come.

SRKUniverse wishes all the members of C Gang a very happy 33 Years.

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