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Every actor brings in a new style with each movie of theirs. With SRK every movie of his, has a different hint with respect to a number of various aspects, right from his romance to styling to characteristics of every character that he plays. Shah Rukh Khan wears and carries everything so well, we get a feeling that he has been used to that specific attire or behavior since forever. That is the level of conviction and make believe that he holds.

Right from the Kabhi haa kabhi naa’s Cap to Main hoon na’s Sweater with shirt (college kid style) to the Devdas style to Raees’ Battery (those frames are a hit even now) , SRK has given us a number of different reasons for us to like him ‘even more’.

Today let us look back on some of the trends that followed with SRK:

This one brought out the Rowdy in every guy (of course in a good way)

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The Bandana, the press- ear cuff and open- finger gloves paired with Leather jacket in JOSH by Max or Maxie as Shirley/ Aishwarya addressed him in the movie, was a bang on look by SRK. So many guys went bananas over this style and tried to imitate him, didn’t they?

Next is the subtle style statement by Raj Aryan in Mohabbatein.

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Wearing a sweater over the shoulder, who would’ve even thought about it? But didn’t it look smart and flawless after all. Even now the guys or even us girls for that matter wear the sweater or a jacket on our shoulders, making ourselves feel a bit admirable.

Here is another trend that went viral after SRK as Rahul.

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The body hugging T-shirts were carried with such an ease by Rahul in both Dil toh pagal hai and Kuch kuch hota hai. Men, even now wear these kind of T-shirts to accentuate their body, after all it is such a style-statement for people who love gymming.


Another trend is that of the ‘COOL’ locket, who apart from him would be able to look like a stud than him? And the Friendship band or the Friendship day trend in Kuch kuch hota hai. It is after this movie that the importance of Friendship’s day was enhanced and people started to take it seriously, isn’t that true?

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Let’s move onto the next trend that focuses the hairstyle.

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After almost every kid wanted to get such spikes, rather most of them already got it done as soon as the movie was out. The spike trend exists even now among the youngsters.

Another one is that of long hair.

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Considerably long hair with the tiny plaits and a pony at the lower back, messy yet stylish look by DON. Many guys went crazy over this look and tried to carry that length of hair, but for their mothers, they didn’t allow them to stay that way for a long, did they?


Last but not the least is the body fitness trend.

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How can we miss the Six pack Abs or the Abs trend itself that followed after Om Shanti Om and Happy New Year. Everyone in the audience went Oh la la!! And cried their hearts out singing Dard-e-disco.


Shah Rukh Khan is not only a brilliant actor, but also makes some amazing style statements with his looks in the movies. Here is a huge shout out to all his brilliant stylists who give us all something so amazing to follow.

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