The Most Welcomed Guest – Shah Rukh Khan’s Best Guest Appearances

Imagine you are at a stadium watching Mumbai Indian’s IPL match. Everyone is enjoying it. And for a few seconds the camera goes on Mr God and the big screen shows The Sachin Tendulkar. It changes the entire tempo of the crowd. Those few seconds one would experience the highest noise, the loudest cheering from the crowd. Few years back, I experienced the same. Not in any stadium but in a movie theater. It was the Tendulkar of the Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan!
Somewhere in year 2000, I was watching ‘Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega’. My main purpose of going for that movie was of course Preity Zinta and her dimples! But suddenly, just before the interval, Mr Khan appeared on the screen!!!  “Ohh !! SRK!!” Was the first reaction from crowd. I got the feel that the audience just loved that surprise! Yup, those days due to absence of social media, these kind of surprises remained surprises for weeks! Along with Preity Zinta, those  5 mins visit from SRK made that movie memorable for me! In the interval, everyone was talking about it! Legend…Superstar like SRK has so much of power and charisma that he can pull the crowd with just a few seconds of appearance. He does not need full 2 hours of screen presence!  Give Mr Khan a few seconds and he will win your heart! Shah Rukh’s appearance for those few seconds, changes the complete mood in the theater.
From movies like Pehla Nasha, Army & Dushman Duniya Ka, SRK started playing these ‘special appearance roles’, and then he never stopped doing it! He keeps visiting us with his powerful guest appearances! As a fan I just loved his cameos. No offence to the lead actors of those movies, but as an SRK fan, his 5 minutes stole the focus from everyone and I remembered those movies just due to Mr Khan’s presence!
The one which I loved the most was – Luck by Chance. Wherein SRK plays SRK and talks about Star-power, Fame, Life Fundas for celebrities with Farhan Akhtar

“Fame,Money Power bahot khatarnak nasha hai… Unhe mat bhulo, jo tumhe tabse jante hai jab tum kuch nahi the………….”

And I am sure most of us actually felt like the words were coming from the real SRK, who was talking with his younger brother or something! SRK did it so smoothly that, that one scene became memorable for me for a lifetime. I did watch that scene again and again on Youtube!
Then, there was Saathiya! Beautiful movie with the fresh pairing of Rani & Vivek. Sweetest music ever by Rahman sir. But the cherry on the cake was the climax, where we get to meet SRK sir as an IAS officer. In just a few seconds, he portrays the man who knows his wife has done the blunder. He doesn’t want to hurt her, but at the same time he wants to support the hero. Oh God!! That was brilliance of acting! So many shades in just a few seconds made that cherry on the cake sweeter.
Not just acting, even few songs which he done as special appearances were absolutely hit. Mainly Ishq Kamina from Shakti and Mast Kalandar from Hey Baby. It was a purely crowd pulling performance. Such an all-rounder gem SRK is.
He has been part of more than 25 movies wherein he played a guest appearance. There were many like Achanak, Gudgudee, Silsilay, GajaGamini, Bhoothnath, and latest one was Tubelight with none other than Salman Khan! For fans like me, all these movies became special just due that small role played by SRK.
When we talk about SRKs guest appearances, how can we forget Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. He shared the screen with Aishwarya Rai and Ranbir Kapoor. With “Ek tarfa pyaar ki taqat kuch aur hi hoti hai”, that one dialog he proved us all over again, why he is the King of Romance! Emotional eyes and that soft tone! He nails it every time.
I just want to thank those movie makers who keep creating such guest roles for Mr Khan!!
Dear SRK, we generally don’t like guests visiting us so frequently, but please keep doing these little, but special roles. Keep visiting us.  We always look forward to meeting this sweetest guest between your major releases.

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