What Is It About SRK That Make Women Go Crazy?


Sometimes I wonder it is just me who dreams of Shah Rukh Khan whispering in my ear, the tune of “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” or has his charismatic personality been giving ‘butterflies in the stomach’ to all the girls out there? Well, the answer is obvious. From the day he rode the white horse in the masked attire in Baazigar to the day when Harry Met Sejal, every generation of ladies has a huge crush on the Bollywood’s King of the Romance “Shah Rukh Khan”. His looks, style or his personality, what is it about SRK that makes the girls go crazy for him, has always been the most wondered question. Especially by boys who are trying hard to win their Simran’s heart.

Let’s help those boys by listing few such personality traits of SRK-

Respect for Women

Every Girl wants that her prince charming to respect her and all the women in the society. In the era, where women’s respect is at stake at every nook and corner, this man not only asks citizens to respect women but also gives utmost respect to the women in his life, be it his family or co-stars.

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His surpassing arms

OH GOD! Girls go crazy when he stands and stretches his arms. They start imagining their world in those arms. SRK very well knows how to embrace and pamper a woman and that what makes him the man, all girls go insane for.

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The Darling Husband

Millions and Billions of female fans, not only in India but also in abroad, and yet his heart beats for his wife Gauri Khan. Various beautiful couples have seen separation but this couple has always been an inspiration to nurture the sanctity of love marriage.

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Aging, Nah! Not for him

Seems like there are upcoming many generations which are going to witness the incredible charm and a world of romance en-kindled by SRK. He completely refuses to age. From the old DDLJ to the new Dilwale, he has astonished us all with his romantic tactics. Days are passing but this guy is just becoming hotter and sexier.

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He rules your emotions

Not only is SRK known for his romance, but he has left no stone unturned to establish a new genre of acting. He knows very well how to connect the audience to the character he is playing. When Kabir Khan in Chak De India was cheering and praying for the girl’s Hockey team to win, you too were praying with him. He masters our emotions when we see him on screen.

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He makes people feel special

He is an actor who obviously lives a lavish life but the way in which he meets his fans during movie’s promotions and marginalized people as a part of charitable endeavors is appreciable and attracts not only girls but everyone. His kind-heart is the reason he rules the hearts of millions.

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Saying that these are the only points which describe SRK would be unfair. SRK is THE complete package. A good human being, accompanied with good looks and an adorable personality.



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