Why Do We Love SRK On Twitter?


SRK- Naam  toh suna hi hoga. A young boy who began his career on the small screen by appearing in several television series has not looked back ever since. His debut movie Deewana, that released in 1992 was his entry on the silver screen. His portrayal in a series of romantic films, that includes “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai”, “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge”, “Mohabbatein”, “Dil To PagalHai” and “Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham” is still what make people go crazy about him.

Now, the extended twitter family of Superstar Shah Rukh Khan has reached a whooping 28 million followers. King Khan, frequently uses social media where he updates about his personal and professional life. From stealing the hearts of millions by his witty answers in #AskSRK sessions to random midnight philosophy, SRK is undoubtedly the best. His tweets are what all of us wait with bated breath for.

SRK fans enthusiastically flood his account with tweets as he connects with his fans, by often replying to their messages. For us Twitter is not only a social media platform but also a place that allow us a sneak peek to SRK Dream World. Fans dearly share their cherished moments with him, talk to him, express their love for him, and even create a fantasy world with him. So, what makes him different and fondest among fondest on twitter is his unchallenged persona and his infectious vibes

Here are some reasons why we love SRK on Twitter:

He Adores his Fans

“Loving the rains and all the 28 Million of you! Thanks for the love, suggestions, hugs and your tenacity. Be Happy All.” He never forgets to thank the people who love him unconditionally.

He Is Accessible To Us

Ok that may just be something we build up in our own mind. But yes, there is that one, minute, one in 28 million chance that he may just see your tweet and even reply. We all wait for this notification to come up on our twitter feed at least once in our lifetime.

His Adorable Family

From showcasing his love for his wife to posting pictures with his daughter and sons, SRK never forgets his family. These cute little things that he does makes his twitter feed gorgeous even more adorable.

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He Is The King Of Wits

He never forgets to astound his fans with his befitting replies and humorous comments. His replies are always worth looking forward to.

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He Is Vivacious

His infectious positive vibes never fail to cheer his fans up and give them a lesson to never give up on life. His tweets often give a glimpse of his past where he reminds every one of his humble beginnings and the lessons that he has learnt from his life.

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He Makes Us Contemplate Life

Shah Rukh Khan is famous for his midnight musings. And his random philosophies, pinging in the middle of the night, makes us sit up and think about our journeys from a completely new angle.

‘Hum jeete ek baar hain, marte ek baar hain aur pyaar? Wo bhi ek hi baar hota hai’. Who wants to be in search for second love, I would rather like to fall for him over and over again. Thank You twitter for bringing our beloved star closer to us. Thank you SRK for being our guiding light on Twitter. And Congratulations Again for 28 Millions Followers.

PS: Please tweet more frequently sir. We miss you.


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