How To Handle Stardom Like A Boss – SRK Life Lessons


SRK enjoys great Stardom, not only in India but also almost all over the world. From absolutely no filmy background to the dream boy of every girl, inspiration to every upcoming actor, SRK has done a wonderful job in accomplishing everything a man wishes in his life. If one looks at his life right now, we can see the plethora of expensive cars, the gorgeous clothes and the lavish mansions. But what many fail to see, is the extreme hard work and the grace to handle all that comes with it.

People always wonder how Shah Rukh Khan is able to handle this humongous amount of publicity and stardom. This article briefs few such mantras, observed through his life, which will surely help all those who aspire high like our Baadshah.

Be Confident and Positive

The actor has always advised the young generation to be positive and confident. He has given uncountable Box-Office hits but faced some of the flops too. But his confidence is never minimized and no failure could ever change his optimistic perception of the life. He is confident, knows his value and is extremely proud of it.

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Mind Your Words Before You Speak

SRK is one of those Bollywood actors who know very well the importance of their words and how well they can be manipulated by the media in order to get the “masala”. Hence, being a public figure whose opinions have all the ears, he thinks consciously before making any statements, be it personal or professional.

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Walk Smartly and Greet People Humbly 

From his first movie to the current date, this man has set milestones but no success could change his nature of greeting the people around him. People always appreciate his gestures when he walks in. Anybody and everybody who has ever met him, cannot stop talking about how he made them feel comfortable and important. The way he carries himself shows that he is a man of real worth and stardom.

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Use That Wit

He is a public figure, the Khan of the Bollywood and he has always had to face controversies which need his response. Apart from all his charming personality traits, I am big fan of his smart with which he uses to reply to those controversies. His social media interactions with those who criticize him are always a delight to read, the way he deals with the trolls gracefully and with biting humor, should be learned by all.

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Dare To Experiment

With such a grand stardom, many stars fear to experiment with their acting skills which ultimately lead to their fall. But SRK has always tried to experiment with his acting skills and come up with something new. Though these experiments failed sometimes, it has never deterred him from trying something new every time. His way of dealing with failure is a skill that not many can brag about having.

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Give Back To Society  

He is an actor who not only believes in fattening his own pockets, but also helps the society whenever he can. Though he has never believed in publicizing or speaking about his philanthropy activities. He is a true citizen of the country who contributes in improving the lives of the needy ones.

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25 years in Bollywood, yet he is the simplest man Bollywood can have. He enjoys grand stardom by loving and respecting people around him and this makes him the ruler of so many hearts.

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