SRKUniverse Presents : SRKUniverse SCHOLARSHIP AWARD


There are millions of SRKians in the world. There are thousands who do great work every single day of their lives trying to emulate the path of Shah Rukh Khan, our idol. Scores of fans work hard meticulously trying to make a better life for themselves but they’re impeded by their financial or societal situations. We want to rectify that from this year in our small little way. We want to give a cash or bank transfer (thanks DIGITAL INDIA) scholarship to 1 person every year to help them with their higher education so that they can make a proper life of themselves. We want to be a small part of that deserving person’s life journey.

So, if you know someone who has worked through their school life and they haven’t been able to get into college because of their financial situation, then now is the time to help your friend out, and give him/her that boost in life.

Scholarship Amount: Rs. 1 lakh will be given to 1 deserving person for 1 year (after a thorough verification + visits by our team)

~ You can not nominate yourself
~ You can only nominate if you have an active social media profile
~ You must help us get in touch with this deserving person if that person cannot be       contacted
~ The nominated person needs to give us the paperwork we need to verify their claims for the scholarship
~ DO NOT LIE ABOUT any of their achievements because you will be disrespecting the real hard workers with your lies

So what are you waiting for? Nominate somebody whom you know deserves this scholarship. Click on the link below to complete the nomination process.

SRKUniverse Scholarship Form

We hope that some deserving person will be able to fulfill his/her dreams through this initiative.

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