Dear Ms Gauri Khan – A Letter From An Admirer


Dear Ms Gauri Khan

This letter is for you. I am a great admirer of yours. Standing tall next to a superstar and not blending in the shadows, definitely makes you a superstar in your own right . You define strength and dignity.

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Nothing much is made public of you. You prefer being in the background, a solid support.

The public persona that is projected of you, makes you into a quintessential family woman. And yet you are so successful in your own arena. You hold out on your own in the turbulent star waters . You stand out on your own in the field you chose .

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You are dignified, you are calm, you are composed. You know what your priorities are. And you know your own importance. The insanely glamorous persona of yours have never come in the way of substance. Never have you ever washed your dirty linen in public. You keep your own problems, inside the walls of your house and you battle on, in style and grace. You command respect, and not just because of your husband. You seem strong, passionate and dedicated . A wonderful feminist.

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You seem to be a lovely and graceful human being. Someone whom I would love to get to know. I am a huge huge fan of yours and not because you have a superstar in your family.  But because you are a superstar yourself with your own terms. You rule your kingdom, and how.

On your birthday, I wish you all the happiness in the world.

Happy birthday.

Lots of Love

Your admirer

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