SRK Fandom Awards 2017 At A Glance – Congratulations To All The Nominees And Winners


SRK Fandom Awards 2017 is finally done and we would like to congratulate all the winners as well as the nominees. Reminding everyone again that these awards are just for fun. Each and every SRKian rocks in his or her own way and nobody, not an award, nothing can take that away from you.

We thank all the presenters of the awards. We are indeed humbled and grateful to have you be a part of the awards. Your support means a lot to us.

Here is a list of all the winners of SRK Fandom Awards 2017

  1. Best Writer SRKian – @writeratmidnite
  2. Best Video Editor – @mahasrk1
  3. Best Photo Editor – @srk_fanzzzz
  4. Most Creative SRKian (Male) – @raeeshere
  5. Best Creative SRKian (Female) – @misty4srk
  6. Fastest News Breaker – @razzak_srk
  7. Funniest SRKian – @fandesrk
  8. Friendliest SRKian – @srkschampion
  9. Number Cruncher SRKian – @SRKsCombatant.
  10. Non-SRKian SRK Admirer –  @RKsWarrior
  11. Most Peaceful SRKian – @I_Love_U_SRK
  12. Funniest SRKian – @FanDeSRK
  13. Most Active Fanclub – @TEAMSRK_ONLINE
  14. Most Active SRKian During Trends – @UpcomingSRKian
  15. Instagram SRKian – iamvasimt
  16. Facebook SRKian of The Year – Parwej
  17. Best Instagram Post of The Year – Shruti
  18. Best Facebook Post of The Year – Shahebaz
  19. Best Interviewer of SRK – @iFaridoon
  20. Best FDFS Event of the Year – Team Delhi
  21. Best SRK Admirer (Celebrity) – @WhoSunilGrover
  22. Best Branch of SRK Universe – @SRKAustria
  23. Spirit of SRK – Team SRKUniverse Delhi
  24. Best Fan (Male) – @JoySRKian_
  25. Best Fan (Female) – @ImJia29

Congratulations to all the winners. Having said that, we always take a lot of care to see to it that the voting process is completely democratic. Here is how the voting went this year.


Once again, congratulations to the winners and lots of love and gratitude towards all the participants. It is your enthusiasm and participation that has made SRK Fandom awards a success every year. We are nobody without the SRKians.

And lastly, dear Mr Shah Rukh Khan, what do we say, but loads and loads of love to you. You are our inspiration, you are our motivation and you are our world. Thank you for always loving us. We are proud to call ourselves “SRKians”. Love you.


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