The King Of Hearts Celebrates His Birthday With His Fans


Phewwww, 2nd November, the most important date in all of SRKians’ lives is finally behind us, and we are still reeling from all the love that King Khan gave our way. There is no doubt that SRK receives love in abundance, but the most beautiful thing is that he makes sure that he gives back that love ten fold. So it was no surprise when he decided to spend his birthday with the people who love him so much, his fans.

There was absolutely no effort spared as almost 500 fans gathered at Taj Land’s End in Bandra as per King Khan’s invitation. All of them excited, nervous and breathlessly eager to meet their idol in real life.

The atmosphere, which was never subdued even for a second, turned electrifying as the audio visual turned on and we saw a glimpse of King Khan on the screen. His famous dialogues as they came on screen, were backed by 500 voices form the audience as they repeated the words, made immortal by King Khan. Nobody was in their chairs sitting, when the songs came on.

Then some of the fans were given an opportunity to perform in front of the crowd. All the performers did a brilliant job, as most of it came straight from the heart.

And then the moment itself arrived when King Khan made his appearance on the stage. You could have easily made electricity for almost a year there, such was the charge in the atmosphere the moment fans caught their first glimpse of their beloved King Khan.

SRK was in his usual element as he interacted with the fans, answered their questions and also performed his famous dialogues. There were tears, smiles and just so much overwhelming emotion on the fans’ faces as they saw Shah Rukh Khan perform especially for them on Jabra Fan.

The best moments of course were during the meet and greet when each and every fan present there got an opportunity to shake hands, hug and have a photo with their super star. Shah Rukh Khan must have met more than 500 people that night, but the reaction of each and every person coming out after meeting him was, “He made me feel so special.”

That is the beauty and charm of Shah Rukh Khan, even in a few seconds, he can make you feel that his world revolves around you. He rightly says, “I am love.”

The event ended late into the night, all of us tired but extremely exhilarated, definitely will carny this special moment with us, when our beloved star made us feel like the most special person present there.

Thank Mr Khan, for spending your birthday giving out so much love. You have no idea what this means for us. You have already given us so much with your movies, that we cannot demand anything more from you. And yet, you go out of your way to give this extra to all your admirers.

You are indeed love, humility and magnanimity personified. You are, as it says on your Fandom Trophy, “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”. That is why you are King Khan, and that is why we love you to the moon and back.

Happy Birthday once again.


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