Songs That Perfectly Describe Shah Rukh Khan


Shah Rukh Khan has given so many wonderful songs in his career of 25 years. The romantic ones have always been our own background music in our own love lives. We cannot help the tears that flow down listening to the sad numbers. The dance numbers make sure that we are up on our feet and dancing along with him.

And then there are some songs which seem as if they are just written and composed for SRK himself. Not his characters, but SRK the man.

Let us take a look at a few such songs:

This one is pretty obvious. King Khan got the name “Baadshah of Bollywood” after this movie. So this is not surprising at all. But definitely word to word it seems to describe our King Khan.

Then there is this song, the wordings which have been used by SRK himself quite a few times. It may be his pep talk every morning to himself, or his real belief, but we aint arguing at all when he calls himself “The best.”

This one reminds us of his journey when he came to the city of dreams, Mumbai, almost broke, with no connections whatsoever in the industry, having just lost his parents. The story goes, that he dreamed of owning the city one day, and own our hearts, he did.

When SRK is unjustly bashed for reasons which many a times don’t even make sense, this is the song that definitely comes to mind.

Just keep on going, just keep on living, just keep on rocking, just keep on winning. There will be good times and bad, successes and failures, mountains and valleys, just keep walking. And that is what SRK does. He keeps going on and on.

Loving SRK, especially for fangirls, so many times feels like he is around us, in every breath, in every look, in every thought. Cannot seem to get him out of our existence even if try really really hard.

And at the end… he is just of the journey, by the journey, for the journey.. he is the journey. People come and go, love comes and goes, success comes and goes, bittersweet milestones come and go… he is THE journey.




  1. And of course you know that you can see Mannat as it was before he bought it in that song. That song REALLY shows his journey: dancing on the roads to owning the heritage bungalow.


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