Of Coincidences, Connections, And Dreams Coming True – A Letter By A Fan


Today was the day I was waiting crazily to see you, Shah Rukh Khan !!! Praying as always for a tete a tete with you. My heart almost skipped a beat as you climbed up the stage.

There are just so many connections with you.

I remember the first time I had your dream, it was on Valentine’s Day 2013, a very clear dream of a date with u. And the first time I coincidentally saw you, was at the start of the Valentines month, on 3rd Feb 2017 at AMA (in Ahmedabad). Initially when you came out of the seminar, u came walking towards where I was standing in yellow suit. Such a magical moment it was. Then I went just next to your Jaguar car, and somehow security didn’t stop me.

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I was standing almost at a one arms distance, but I went so blank, only to realize later that though with my camera on, I didn’t click any pictures. So this time I was repeatedly telling myself to click. And thank god I was able to!

Going back to coincidences and connections, I got to know that you were in Surat on 23rd Jan for Raees; the very first time, that even I had traveled to Surat. Though the biggest lifelong connection I have with you is about my birthday giving way to yours.

And then I saw you again today, in our birth month. Well I won’t categorize myself as your fan, but I like you way too much!! Like crazily!! I can’t even describe my feelings!! I don’t follow your updates so regularly, and whenever I finally get some control over my emotions for you, you somehow come to my dreams and make it so difficult for me all over again.

Then I feel as if you follow me to my dreams, not letting me be and not meeting me in reality. Something similar like that was in one of the parts of the twilight movie. I had your dream on 19th June this year, and I came to know later that you had come to Alpha mall on the same day. And I had gone to the same place on Tuesday.

And finally the biggest coincidence today was, amidst your talking, I waved to you and you waved back to me. And then I sent you a flying kiss and you sent it right back to me. Our eyes met so many times after that. I don’t know if you remember all this. If this helps, I was sitting in the first row. And I’m sorry to say that I couldn’t listen to you much, as I was so mesmerized, seeing you. But I have recorded few videos to hear you again.

Everyone there was saying you will be just here for 15-20 mins. But hats off to you MR. KHAN, that you stayed for the entire event. Although with you, anything is always less.

You danced for so long with a selected fan, and I so wished even I could have danced with you. And I’m sure one day I will. You threw autographed footballs in the crowd. I was hoping to catch one. And when I didn’t, consoling myself that I’ll get something better. I loved your look when you took out your blazer and tie, knowing you felt a lot more comfortable! Man you were soo charming!

My mom too loves you so much!! So both the mother & daughter r crazy about you Mr. Khan!! As you say “Kissi cheez ko shiddat sey chaho to saari kaynat ussey tumse milaney mey lag jati hai”. My mom too believes in this and somehow we got the opportunity to sit in the first row, which was her dream to see you so closely. Even I went a day prior to the event to the venue, and stood in the first row just to have a feel of how it would be to watch you from there. I was confident my dream would come true after visualizing it standing from there itself. And it came true!!

Once you wrote “What you seek is seeking you. Everyone has desires, don’t go too hard after them, what you are attracted to, will be attracted by you.”

And my answer is YOU, wishing for my dream of a dream dinner date and a dance with you to be fulfilled soon!!!

Wishing you health and peace and bliss!!



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Aarushi ka matlab First rays of sun! Now Harry from Jab Harry Met Sejal, will say matlab janna bilkul bilkul bhi jaruri nahi.
I m a strong believer in the theory of karma.
About my feelings for SRK, it’s something very different. I won’t categorise myself as a fan. But I just like him way too much. Believe it or not Mr. Khan there’s some connection.



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