When Shah Rukh Khan Talks, We Listen… We Learn


When Shah Rukh Khan talks, we listen. We love to hear him talk. Be it his speeches for the various universities world wide, or the convocation speech at his kid’s school, or the various interviews, discussion panels, summits, be it wherever, we always love to listen when he speaks.

Here are some of his most inspiring speeches, that we were privileged to be an audience to:

This is of course his latest one at Ted Talks.

And its not just because its him. Its because we get to learn so much when we listen to what he has to say. More than “who” is saying it, it’s about “what” is he saying. He has opened our eyes to a beautiful way of thinking. We love his thoughts, and we love the way he expresses them. We love the way he looks at life.

Yale University

He is realistic as well as a dreamer. He is the perfect concoction. He is optimistic, he believes in a world, which is so high to achieve, and yet he tells us to believe in our wings, to be able to reach there.

University of Edinburgh

He has an excellent sense of humor. He looks at life in a quirky way, while joking about himself. His one liners are so amazing and inspiring.

IIM Bangalore

The bit that he read from his own book at THINK, was fabulous .

Dhirubhai Ambani International School

Personally, I get to take home so many things when he speaks. And that is why I love him the most. His gray matter. That is the most attractive thing about him.
When SRK speaks, the world listens. And the world learns.

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