Team SRKUniverse wishes Muhammad Bhai A Very Happy Birthday


In 2013, Muhammad Ashraf (Muhammad Bhai as he is fondly known), based in Maldives, realized that there wasn’t a satisfactory platform present to celebrate and share the love for his superstar, Mr. Shah Rukh Khan. There were of course a lot of Fan Clubs then, but not many were active on social media. He felt that he should do something to bring people together for their common love for SRK. And that is how the idea of SRKUniverse was born.

Today SRKuniverse is THE biggest fan club of any Indian celebrity. And all of it is thanks to the dedicated hard work and efforts of hundreds of SRKians, led by one man, Muhammad Bhai.

On his birthday today, here is a small letter from the team of SRKUniverse, to the head of their family, Muhammad Bhai.


You have always shown us the real way of being an SRK fan. You are the one who actually practices what SRK preaches. In the midst of all the negativity, hatred and trolls, all you carry, is love in your heart for any and everybody who calls himself an SRK fan.

You are the path breaker in the real sense of the word. Be it the fandom awards, scholarships, FDFS events, charity events, trends or SRK birthday parties, you have been a pioneer of them, and are always looking for new and original ways to spread the SRK love.

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All you ever want to do is to make as many people’s dreams of meeting SRK, come true. You are in a true state of power, but have never looked to misuse any of it, ever. You strive to make this team into a family and that is what seeps into us too, making these bonds even more stronger.

You not only brought people from all over the world together, but you made a huge family out of them. You mean a lot of things to a lot of people, but the one thing common in all those things, is love and respect.

Haters and negativity will just keep on increasing, with proportion to the love and respect. You generally do not get into the mud slinging and trolling, but keep your head down and keep on working harder than before, to take SRKuniverse even higher. All we want to tell you, is that, we love you. And we are always there with you.

Happy Birthday Bhai.

May this year bring you all the happiness and blessings, that you more than deserve.

Team SRKUniverse




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