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2nd November, 2017 at around 11.45 pm, I finally met my Idol, whom I have been worshiping from so many years. When I was in 9th std, I saw an interview of his where he says “Do what you love to do and don’t do it if you don’t love it.” That quote struck me and I started thinking, what do I love? What do I want to be in my life? And I started searching for the answers. And today I am an Engineer.

Thank You Shah Rukh Khan for inspiring me to do what I love. I don’t believe in statues or idol worship. But I do believe that He is my God and He has taught me so much of how to deal with failures and continue working hard in life. He has made me smile at times of grief. He has always been there for me unknowingly when ever I have needed Him. He might just be an entertainer for many, but He is much more than that for His die-hard FANs. We learn from Him so much by his speeches and He teaches us how to deal with our lives and motivates us to work hard and be good human beings.

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The biggest moment of my life was when I finally met him on 2nd November on His Birthday at Taj Lands. I had been waiting for this moment from so many years. I had met him once on 20th May 2017 but it was just couple of seconds where I gave Him a poster I had made for Him and He graciously accepted and left. I couldn’t even touch Him but I was very happy that I had the opportunity to give Him something that I had made it for Him. But my wish was fulfilled on 2nd November, 2017 on His 25th Birthday. Yes 25th, he is just 25.

We were waiting in the queue to meet him at Taj Lands. I was nervous as hell as I was about to meet My God. As I approached him, I shook His hands and wished Him ‘Happy Birthday’. He responded saying ‘Thank You God Bless you’. We clicked a picture together (I don’t know where the camera was, nor who was clicking the photo. My entire focus was Him) Once the photo was clicked, I requested Him to take His blessings but He responded saying “Not required Beta”. I insisted, saying it was my wish from many years and Ravi dada (SRK’s Bodyguard) doing his duty, was asking me to leave. Shah being such a great person, stopped me & allowed me to take His blessings. I hugged Him & said “Thank You” in His ears and He said, “Take care God Bless You”.

Who says God doesn’t exist. I have met my God, shook hands, took blessings and also hugged Him.

I can never forget those few seconds I spent with Him. Celebrating His Birthday with His Fans at a five star hotel and spending 3 to 4 hours standing to meet His fans & fulfilling all their wishes graciously. Which other celebrity does this? No one. He Loves His fans so much and we are so damn proud of being His fans.

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I was an insomniac before and after meeting Him, I have started to sleep well. I wake up with a smile everyday, recalling the moment I met my God & having taken His blessings. One of my biggest dreams have come true & I feel very happy and content. I feel more charged to face the problems of my life and want to work harder. I am more inspired to become a better person. His few seconds have changed my life. Thank you Shah Rukh Khan for being the best always!

Thanks to one more special person, who said even if he didn’t meet SRK, he would make sure I meet Him. I call him my angel who fulfilled my dream, along with so many more fans’ dreams of meeting our God. He is another great person whom we all look up to. He is the founder of our Biggest Fan Club of SRK – SRKUniverse. I will always be thankful to you Bhai for everything that you have done and for giving us this wonderful family of SRKians.

We Love You Shah Rukh Khan & SRKUniverse!


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