6 Times SRK Nailed It With The Monologues

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Whether it’s Raj from DDLJ or Kabir from Chak De! India, SRK has given us characters who sealed the deal with that single-most important monologue. He stares into the camera with complete shiddat and romances it only like he can. The King of Bollywood is the King of Monologues too. And each of those monologues are worth a thousand memories!

Here are 6 of his most memorable monologues that’ll give you all the feels:

Kal Ho Naa Ho: Scene at the station

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Rohit’s secret diary finally sees the light of the day when Aman reads it out toNaina, in the middle of a station.

He says everything that he always wanted to, while all of us in the theatre were struggling to fight back our tears.

Om Shanti Om: Award acceptance speech

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Shah Rukh practices his award acceptance speech and gives us just the right kind of feels.

He made kainaat and shiddat everyday words and we can’t thank his enough.

Swades: Discussion at the village school’s inauguration

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One of his most acclaimed performances, with this one, Shah Rukh broke out of his romantic hero typecast and how!

Swades addressed and solved every national issue that we find ourselves cribbing about. This monologue started a conversation and the film gave us hope, if not anything else.

Veer-Zaara: The courtroom speech

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A story of lovers separated by boundaries, religion and the system, Yash Chopra managed to fuse romance and patriotism in a way that was unheard of. A prisoner in Pakistan, SRK finally gets out after decades and gives us one of his most memorable monologues.

From his love for the country to his love for Zaara, this monologue leaves us with tears every single time.

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge: Toh Kya Hua, Simran!

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Raj became every girl’s dream man. His dreamy eyes and intense words still manage to get us weak in the knees.

With major #BoyfriendGoals and this monologue, SRK gave us priceless moments that still manage to give us the chills.

Chak De! India: Sattar Minute 

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Who says that SRK can only do romance? He proved us all wrong, the minute he stepped into the shoes of Kabir Khan! We loved him as the tough coach who gave away his emotional yet ambitious side in the timeless “sattar minute” monologue.

His conviction as an actor has made us believe in each of these characters. His charm has made us fall head over heels in love with him. And his monologues have given us the strength to face, if not speak, about our deepest feelings.

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