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Meeting SRK is the dream of almost all fans worldwide. So then what happens when one finally gets to meet him. Gets to hug him, gets to talk to him, even if for just half a minute. It is as if your world stops spinning. He might be meeting hundreds of people everyday, but for that one moment, SRK makes you feel as if you are the center of his universe.┬áIt is actually a feeling that cannot be expressed in words. Your life can be divided into clear two parts, “Before” meeting SRK and “After”.

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Here is an SRK fan who has tried to put these two sides into beautiful words. We are sure that each and every SRKian would be able to relate to these 2 poems.

One Day I’ll Meet You

One day I’ll meet you and,
I’ll love you unconditionally,
The way I’ve always dreamed.

I’ll finally be the one,
Who can’t stop thinking of and,
Want to spend a little time with you.

You’ll be the one who,
More than you could ever know.

I’ll finally be able to say,
You’re the one I’ve been waiting for,
And at the end of the day I’ve missed so.

One day I’ll meet the one,
The person God designed,

But until that day,
I’ll keep writing to you,
This ghost of my future.

I’ll keep praying for you and,
For the day God sees fit,
That I will finally deserve to meet you.

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Since I Met You

Since I met you
My days are brighter
My nights are happier
My thoughts are positive
And my life is easier to live

Since I met you
The love in my heart is able to grow
My arms finally have someone to hold

And my heart has someone to miss

Since I met you
My fear of love have gone away completely
My fear of lonliness no longer defeats me
My happiness overrides my sadness
And my gladness overrides my madness

Since I met you
My face finally has a smile
One which hasn’t been there for a while
My eyes have a sparkle to them
And my love for you will never end

Since I met you…

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