Here Is What We Lovedddd About ZERO


The wait is finally over. Shah Rukh Khan has given us the best New Year’s gift ever with ZERO. The title as well as the first look of his next film is here and the Red Chillies team along with Aanand L Rai have just knocked it out of the park.

Of course we have just loved the entire teaser along with the name, but just to list down a few things of what exactly we loved, here goes.

  1. The over the top colorfulness of the entire look of the teaser.

  2. The quirky adjectives which give us an insight into SRK’s character. In such a short time, we are able to build up SRK’s character right from scratch. And we just loved the adjectives.

  3. The Visual effects are out of this world. SRK as usual has tried to raise the technical standards of film making in Bollywood, and with the teaser it is awesomely clear that the Red Chillies VFX team has succeeded in coming close to his vision.

  4. SRK’s energy is mind blowing. Even though he plays a person of short stature, in every frame of the teaser he seemed to tower everybody around him, just due to his energy.

  5. The tag line “Hum jiske peeche lag jaate hai, uski life bana dete hai”

  6. The subtle hint of Katrina Kaif, as we get to see her photos on his jacket.

  7. The dance moves. Even though not the best of dancers, SRK sure knows how to own the dance floor. And he has done exactly that in the song.

  8. The super hit song from Jab Jab Phool Khile, “Is deewane dil ne kya jaadu chalaya” sets up the mood of the film so beautifully. It is peppy, it is loud and it absolutely looks fantastic going with the entire feel of the teaser.

You can watch the full teaser here



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