Director Aanand L Rai Is All Praises For SRK


The first look of SRK’s upcoming movie just got released and everyone in the industry as well as all over the world is all praises for it. Zero is definitely the most anticipated film this year. Director Aanand L Rai spoke to a few publications about his excitement about the film as well as about his experience of working with Mr Shah Rukh Khan.

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Here is what he had to say about SRK


“I think he is a very gutsy actor from day one, he has always taken up challenges. And that is the reason I am with him. As a director, you should be prepared to take him on a journey and explore such a superstar. He says yes to subjects that are extraordinary and puts himself in a space that is new, yet different,”

“This is a blessing that I got to work on a film like this with him. I am happy. He is an intelligent person to play this role. Who else can do this and get into the skin of a character like this? It is tough to take away those two feet, flamboyance, grace and still say ‘let’s romance’,”

Read the original interview on DNA-India here.
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Times Of India

“In a decade’s time, he will do so much as an actor but as a visionary he will take the Indian cinema ahead. He doesn’t think like just as an actor. Do expect a lot of newer things as an actor. He has got great plans.”

Read the original interview in Times Of India here.
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Indian Express

“And with this man, if I feel stressed, (it is) not done. There is nervousness and I enjoy that. This is India’s biggest VFX film but you will hardly feel that. It will look like any other normal film and yet new, so that is what the VFX is all about.”

Read the original interview in Indian Express here.

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