Hope, Faith, Love, Dreams, Inspiration – What Does Being Outside Mannat Mean For Us – Part 1


“Mannat”, the literal meaning of the word being Desire or Vow to a deity”.

Mumbai for so many of us begins and ends at Mannat. All of us, so many times, have spent hours outside those tall, cream walls, just sitting there on the short wall across the street. I have been visiting Mumbai ever since I was a child. Even today due to work, i need to travel to Mumbai almost every month. And yet even after all these years, I still make that detour through Bandstand and pass by this building at least once.

Why is visiting the gate of Mannat so important to us? We know the chance of seeing SRK there is less than one in a million. So why? Why is it that I can still spend so many hours just sitting outside the wall of Mannat?

We asked a few SRKians what Mannat means to them. We got so many answers that the write up had to be divided into 2 parts. Here is part one.

Hope, Faith, Love, Dreams, Inspiration – What Does Being Outside Mannat Mean For SRKians

Every time I stand outside Mannat I get this feeling of motivation that the boy who has literally nothing can celebrate his dreams to make them a reality.


HOPE. It gives me immense hope seeing what this man has achieved.He literally had nothing when he came to Mumbai. I don’t think there can be any better example than jis life for us.He didn’t have money & had a sister to take care of. Gauri had also left him.But look at his achievements.He’s world’s biggest superstar and that too a self made star. If this doesn’t inspire you,then nothing will. He gives me HOPE.He inspires me and millions to achieve their dreams. HOPE is a good thing,and no good thing ever dies. Thank you SRK for giving us the HOPE to achieve anything and everything!


“When I Stand In front Of MANNAT Every Time I Feel Like I Am In Heaven And I Will Never Forget That Golden Memories ”  


Aisa Lagta Hai Ki Kisi Raja Ke Mahel Ke Samne Hai ….Jo Farsh Se Arsh Tak Pahucha Har din mannat ke samne jake dil ko bahot sukun milta hai

For a die-hard SRK Fan from outside India, in my case from Austria, its still like a dream that I got the chance to stand in front of @iamsrk ‘s house Mannat in Mumbai. It’s every SRKian’s most desired and most memorable moment, seeing @iamsrk at Mannat on his birthday. The feeling to be at Mannat cannot be described, it has to be felt ! When I stand in front of Mannat, it’s like, I’m finally at the place where my heart is longing to be, all the time, when I’m at home and dreaming about visiting Mumbai. It’s a feeling to be near my hero and inspiration, the love of my life, SRK, a feeling of deep love, peace and happiness. A trip to Mumbai isn’t complete without visiting Mannat, to stand or sit there, to inhale and feel the aura and energy this special place gives to me !


I feel more alive outside the Mannat. I love being outside Mannat, that’s where I’m the happiest.


Every SRKians Mannat is to visit MANNAT at least once in a lifetime ..it was mine too. But since the day I’ve 1st visited Mannat (02.11.15) I realized that no matter how many times I go there it never would suffice. 
There’s some magnetic field which keeps us wanting to go and stand outside irrespective of the probability of meeting our KING KHAN. That magnetic field in simple words can be put as the ‘LOVE’ that SRK, our GOD has earned over the years’ it is so strong and grows stronger every moment of our lives. 
All I know is that when I’m going through a tough or bad phase in my life that memory of being outside MANNAT and seeing my GOD wave to a sea of FANs reaffirms the faith on life in me. It gives me the ability to be happy and strong even in the toughest moments, it keeps me going.


Mannat Ko Dekh Ke Ek Aalag Energy Milte Hai, Ek Aalag Power Milte Hai, Motivation Milta Hai, Ek Aalag Himmat Aate Hai…


हम्मे भी कुछ जीरो से हीरो बनने का जज़्बा आता है मन्नत के सामने

जभी भी में मन्नत पर जाता हो मुझे बहुत इंस्पिरेशन मिलता है एक नॉर्मल इंसान जीरो से हीरो बना है हम्मे भी कुछ जीरो से हीरो बनने का जज़्बा आता है मन्नत के सामने


We all heard & seen by our own eyes his success in any field he participated in it He is very dedicated and hardworking and has always stood ahead in all his work. & I must say, we all are extremely impressed with his success which was, no doubt, the result of his dedication and hard work. I was extremely happy to see him within the years so focused and genuinely working on what he wanted the most. I am 100% sure he will Be this way always and he will always succeed in life. Inshallah We are sure that the achievement he received is because of the strength and support from his family.It’s very difficult for anyone to get such success without family support. All the best for all your future plans.


Part 2 Coming Tomorrow

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  1. Really, MANNAT naam sunke he sukhun milta hai aur uske ek zhalak dekne ko dil tadap tha hai. He inspire me in all relationship eg. Love, family, friends, etc.
    Bolne ke liye bhohat kuch hai.
    Love u KING💖😘😍.

  2. Mannat Jise dekh Har Khawab Jinda Ho jata ..Koi bhi negativity ho positivity me badal jati hai..Mananat Motivation hai Har Haar ko jit me Badalne ki..

  3. When into my life everything happen wrong then I sit front of mannat then feel like suddenly charge of positive power,For me mannat is not only banglow but also my strength,Positivity source mannat is my inspiration source definitely it’s like charger for me..mannat is temple for me. Mannat is reason behind my positive attitude.



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