Hope, Faith, Love, Dreams, Inspiration – What Does Being Outside Mannat Mean For Us – Part 2


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Every time I stand near Mannat I get the feeling of Freshness and Happiness, Happiness of being connected to the man we Admire,Love We can feel his presence around. Mannat the place which motivates “To Turn Your Dreams into Reality”.


In front of Mannat for me is like I’m in any Religion place.When SRK Come out side a Mannat I feel like that Sun come in Sky. Moon come in between little Stars and the best part I feel SRK’s fragrance in the winds like it is a sunshine.


“Being outside Mannat gave me a sense of closeness to Shah,I felt like I know him personally”



From a kid who grown up watching ‘Shah Rukh Khan’ on t.v was similar like to hearing the stories of God & Goddess in my life to Going Mumbai alone & Walking, sitting around his Kingdom ‘Mannat’ was something really horrific for me..But i felt very familiar as ‘I’ve grown up watching him’ it’s mean he is my family..and so I’ll die watching him!


Whenever I plan or think of going to Mumbai “posing in front of Mannat” comes to mind. I know there is absolutely no chance of me meeting SRK but then just the thought of standing near his residence makes my heart miss a beat or two. It’s a type of temple/mosque for me or whatever you would like to call a place where your God lives. I’ve visited Mannat a lot of times and I can’t stop getting the adrenaline rush that maybe I’ll get to see him someday. These what if’s are nonetheless beautiful and makes me happy .


Shah Rukh Khan is my God & Mannat is my Jannat. Every time I come to Mumbai, first thing I have to do is visit my temple. Just sitting in front of Mannat, I forget all my worries & it’s so peaceful to just sit in front at the place where my God lives. It’s the connection with God that makes every place spiritual & Mannat is that place for me.


The surreal experience is impossible to be expressed in a line or two. It’s the home of My Angel, the place is 365 days crowded by people but atmosphere on 1 n 2nd Nov. Is a different one. I remember i had a smile throughout the time i was there, meeting like ones who love the man like i did. All the love pours in there. No hatred, happy faces, carrying the widest grin.. All so Magical. being there gives me peace, like visiting any holy place does. I saw my Angel, walking up, waving n pouring kisses to the sea of love waiting for his glimpse, yes I saw him. This brings up a smile to my face even at the toughest hours of my life. Mannat is an emotion, its my place of peace cos’ my Angel lives here.


Whenever i planning to go Mumbai, the first thought comes in my mind is always “to visit MANNAT” i know there is 0 percent chance for a single glimpse of SRK, but “ek sukoon sa milta hai Mannat ko dekh ke”
Every time I had left Mannat with beautiful experience and lots of memories which i can never ever forget and that’s memories still makes me smile and fill my each and everyday with full of Joy .


Mannat, Mere Farishte Ka Aashiyaan…Meri Rooh Ko Hota Hai Naseeb Sukoon Yahaan…Kyon? Wohi Toh Karna Hai Bayaan…
Being outside Mannat fills my heart with “sukoon”. Which is the rarest feeling in today’s world, no less than a boon.

There’s no greater peace than seeing the person you love the most, being admired by one & all.
Mannat is always surrounded by people who adore Him…even if He’s not inside, we still feel His fragrance there & beam.

I feel strong…stronger than a phoenix, which tries to reach the sun, but fails to embrace it despite of losing its wings & life as well.
Mannat is such an excellent embodiment of what determination & hard work can construct! 29 years back, when He came to Mumbai for the first time in 1989, from that phase to this, it takes a lot of strength to keep the Safar ONN with the wings of willpower intact!


Dear Mr Khan, what can we say but just thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us a place of hope, faith, inspiration, dreams and peace. In the hustle and bustle of Mumbai, Mannat gives us a sense of identity and belonging. Thank you for Mannat.


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