Dear Shah Rukh Khan – A Fan Letter To SRK From South Africa


Dear Shah Rukh Khan

My name is Nadeema Williams I felt to compelled to write to you today.  I was born into a Muslim household, the youngest of 4 sisters.  My parents, Farieda and Ismail are deceased and today the sisters all have their separate lives but we try to keep in touch.

Since childhood, my sister Washiela was fascinated by the Indian culture and always chased after Indian boys.  I stood on the side line curiously watching. I could never understand her fascination. In my late-blooming state and child-like mind it made no sense to me.  The Indian culture seemed so “removed” from our Muslim culture at home as so-called “colored” people living in Cape Town, South Africa.  In my teenage years I gave up on figuring out Washiela’s fascination with Indian culture and just wrote it off as pure madness.  I personally was never attracted to Indian boys in my teenage years although I was approached by many.  I mercilessly shot them down and made them understand in no uncertain terms that I just wasn’t interested.

One day, many years later in adulthood, I was home alone and incredibly bored, browsing TV channels.  Nothing good was on TV so I just settled on a random channel.  A movie started playing and when I realised it was an Indian movie, I wanted to switch channels immediately. I thought about all the nonsense they had playing on the other channels so I let things be.  So Veer and Zaara played and before I knew it I was completely engrossed in the movie.  I remember shedding a tear or two.  At that point I’ve never watched anything so beautiful, honest, pure and sad before.  At that point I had no idea who SRK was but they had a SRK festival going and each Sunday they would play a SRK movie.  Chak de India was next and I ended up looking forward to my Sunday afternoons

Fast forward 12 years and today Washiela and I have Bollywood marathon movie watching sessions at my house.  It is not fair to call it Bollywood movie sessions because it is in fact Shah Rukh Khan marathon movie sessions.

We salute your contribution to the movie industry and thank you for touching so many lives & for making so many people happy.  We look forward to getting your autograph when you visit Cape Town, South Africa.

Best regards,


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