Reactions To My Name Is Khan From Around The World


“My Name Is Khan.. And I Am Not A Terrorist”

Words that, for some of us sitting comfortably in our privileged homes, might simply mean something that a superstar director and an actor came up with. But for so so many of us around the world, these words struck a heart wrenching chord, 8 years ago.

The attack of 9/11, apart from the terror unleashed on that day physically, had long lasting impact on millions around the world. Karan Johar and Shah Rukh Khan, as Rizwan Khan brought forward that impact along with a message of peace. The simplest message of all.

Today, 8 years since My Name Is Khan released, we bring to you the compilation of reaction to those words, that movie, from all around the world. And how each and every person is affected, even 8 years later, by the simple message of humanity that the words hold, “My Name Is Khan…And I Am Not A Terrorist”

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