How We Wish That SRK And Aamir Khan Would Come Together For A Movie


Today is Aamir Khan’s birthday. Aamir Khan makes up 1/3rd of the triad of the 3 Khans who rule Bollywood. His movies have always been inspirational and huge successes at the box office. To see SRK and Aamir Khan together sharing a screen would be the ultimate wish of every Bollywood fan. And even though him and SRK have never appeared together in a movie, they did do a small special appearance together for Ashutosh Gowariker’s film Pehla Nasha.

Here is the clipping of the 2 superstars when they shared the screen together the only time.

While we cannot wait and hope for the 2 power houses of talents to come togetehr, here is a glimpse of all those times when they were clicked together away from the silver screen.

Happy birthday Aamir Khan. We wish you the best of health and happiness.




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