With “Rehn De, Tu Nahi Samjhega….”, Shah Rukh Khan Indeed Understood Our Pulse


It has been 2 years since once again all our collective hearts skipped a beat as Gaurav stood outside the fortress of the object of his obsession and screams out his name, his voice lost in the crowd of love, his presence a mere drop in the humungous ocean of admiration. It has been 2 years since we felt the unjust means justified a very worthy end. 2 years since we rooted for the underdog, who just wants to be loved back for 5 minutes.

Fan completes 2 years of release today.

A movie that might be closest to the hearts of SRK fans and SRK himself, brings out the superstar’s understanding of his millions of fans. A die hard, obsessive fan, who looks like the superstar and the object of his obsession weave a scintillating tale combined with the battle of egos which leads to the destruction of both. A psychological thriller which can almost be called a love story between 2 people, one who wants something from the other.

Us, as fans, couldn’t stop the tears flowing down as in the finale scene, Gaurav mouths the words, “Rehnde,Tu nahi samjhega” before leaping off the building, giving a justified end to the love saga between a fan and the object of his obsession.

A lot has been spoken and appreciated about the physical efforts it took to create Gaurav. But more than that, it is pulse of us fans, crowding outside Mannat, that SRK managed to catch from behind the tall walls, is what strikes the deepest chord. This movie is extremely close to us because here we could see us in SRK.

Now, as we crowd outside Mannat, lost in the thousand hopeful faces, we know, that he understands us. Somewhere he sees us, in his heart he feels us. That is what Gaurav gave us. That is what Shah Rukh Khan gave us.

And hence even though Aryan Khanna was much closer to the real life SRK rolewise, even though the critics screamed out the loopholes in the plot, even without a female lead and lack of song and dance, the audience took back Gaurav with them, hearts filled with the knowledge that their beloved superstar indeed knew their heartbeats.

PS, it was also the first time in bollywood history, when a film poster was released by us 🙂 and for that we will be eternally thankful to SRK and YRF, for giving us that opportunity.



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