Dear Mr Khan, Thank You So Much For The Last 26 Years


Dear Mr Khan

Today you complete 26 years in the film industry. It has been an amazing ride since the first time we saw you on that motor cycle, singing about wanting to have someone to love. You did find your love in the film, and us? We found our love in you. In a sense we found everything that we never knew we were looking for. We found our dreams, we found our passion, we found incredible love, we found kindness, humility, and again mind blowing love… in you.

Today, 26 years later, we just want to thank you. You have time and again entertained us through your work, be it your films, your shows or your interviews. The characters you have lived through your movies, will always be one of the biggest reasons of our happiness. But apart from that, there are so many other reasons why we are thankful towards you.

The reasons are never ending of why we owe so much happiness to you, but here is a list that tries to encompass most of them

  • Thank you for giving us our Raj, Rahul, Aryan. For showing us a dream that an ideal man is a possibility.

  • Thank you for giving us direction. An aim. As a human being . As an achiever. As a thinker.
  • Thank you for showing us that all that works is hard work , hard work , hard work . There is no alternative to hard work.

  • For showing by example that giving respect to everybody around , goes a long way in gaining respect.

  • Thank you for giving us Gaurav Chandna.

  • For teaching us about the dignity of labour.
  • Thank you for showing us that there is nothing wrong in having material desires.
  • Thank you for making us believe that there is nothing wrong in believing that “I” am the best. Even if some people tell us otherwise.

  • Thank you for all your thoughts, which time and again you have poured out in front of us.
  • For imbibing in us that being big is more about giving than receiving.
  • Thank you for running in our dreams, tirelessly.
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  • Thank you for all the entertainment, all the laughter, all the happy tears.
  • Thank you for giving us something or being that someone who pulls us out of drowning waters.
  • Thank you for being such an amazing inspiration.
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  • Thank you for making us think and for making us rethink.
  • Thank you for all the love and acceptance that you have extended our way through all these years.
  • Thank you for tolerating us, for embracing even the extreme of us, for making us a part of your world.

  • And lastly, thank you so much for giving us the courage to believe that dreams do come true. Sometimes much much more than you can ever expect.

We love you Mr Khan. Thank you for the last 26 years. We owe a lot to you.


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