There couldn’t be a line truer than this, worldwide we are millions bound by this common bond called SHAH RUKH KHAN!!! And as the man himself said the force behind that keeps it all together is SRKUniverse who turned 5 on 4th September 2018.

The acknowledgement and recognition from the King is a motivation to hold the flag high and make SRKUniverse even bigger year on year.

SRKUniverse is 5 years old and to celebrate admins and SRKians from around the world arranged various screenings and charity events. This was a form of enjoying the love for SRK together and spreading love and joy to others. A small glimpse below.

We were trending and #5YearsOfSRKUniverse ruled the twitter charts throughout the day and to make our day even better we had an #AskSRK session ☺ what more could we have asked for.

We also had a contest on SRK where Samar Khan generously sponsored our proze winner with his book “SRK-25 Years of a Life”

While we were celebrating love has poured in from all corners of the world from people who are specialized in their own field and have a very close association with SRK. 

Mandvi Sharma who you can probably call the right hand of SRK sends us her love

Red Chillies Entertainment motivates us towards many more milestones.

Rahul Nanda, Video Content Creator & Journalist

Khyati Madan, Marketer Red Chillies Entertainment

Faridoon Shahryar, Journalist at Bollywood Hungama

Tony Gill from Media House Global, London 

Singh Bros, WWE RAW Superstars 

Aaqib Raza Khan, Multimedia Storyteller at The Quint

Prashant Sawant, Personal Trainer to SRK

Ajaz Khan, Actor

Sana Seed, Actor

Arvid Vegda, Jabro FAN Singer

Anuj Radia, UK entertainment Blogger at FilmeShilmy

Daanish Dhansi, Bollywood Blogger

Ruby Raza, RJ at LycaRadio, DilSeRadio UK

Haroon Rashid, Entertainment Reporter at BBC News

Anushka Arora, RJ at Sunrise Radio UK

Attika Choudhary, B4U Presenter & BBC Broadcast Journalist

Deepak Kalra, Actor & Anchor

Harsh Mayar, Actor

These beautiful words of encouragement are greatly appreciated and only motivate us further to achieve greater milestones.

Many years ago a close friend of mine had said about her Jijaji and me that there is an unseen connect you share which is your love for SRK and it kind of joins any two fans whoever they might be. But as a FAN one may not know how to express their love or keep up to date with SRK’s news and that is exactly what SRKUniverse has given to millions of FANs – a platform to share their love for SRK. A heartfelt thanks to Muhammed Bhai for conceptualizing and creating this platform and giving us the biggest family in the world, we are ever so grateful. And we cannot thank our India and international branch admins enough who work tirelessly so that SRKians across the world stay connected to SRK.

Happy Birthday SRKUniverse!!!



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Bhavnidhi Kalra

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