If you are a SRK fan, then Mumbai is the place to be right now. And more specifically, Flyp club in Lower Parel. Because we are here, and we are cheering as we celebrate our beloved Superstar’s 53rd birthday.

Shah Rukh Khan turns 53 today and all of us fans cannot be more thrilled to celebrate his birthday together. Fans from all over the world are here and the party is truly signifying what SRK fandom is all about, unity, love and celebration.

The party is going on with fans and media in Mumbai with the chief guest, journalist Faridoon Shahryar. Here are some snapshots from the super happening SRK themed party.

With quizzes and dancing and singing and cheering, the energy is just out of this world here, almost as if King Khan is here right within us. And all of us feel like shouting one thing, “We love you Shah Rukh Khan. And we wish you a very very happy birthday!!!!”


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