Last Week I was all nervous, confused, and euphoric as well. Because it was going to be my first SRKDAY at Mannat. I had seen the crowd for SRK in Ahmedabad but at Mumbai, the crowd is a storm, where all SRKians from entire India unite, and love their idol, UNCONDITIONALLY! I was nervous as I had heard about safety and what if there would be some mismanagement, my parents were a little tensed too, but they knew that it would be my moment with my idol, waving at me from the top, and they allowed me to go.

Being with SRKUNIVERSE, you feel that the group has a sort of discipline, a sort of analytic management of things, I was here just out of love for SRK, but the moment turned out to be a teaching moment regarding creativity, and that the perfect results for any management is only when you fall in love with the work you do, it becomes tireless work, for the love of the King of Indian Cinema, and The Biggest superstar of the world. Alongside the men behind the scene, were multitasking at the peak of their creative abilities, controlling the discipline of the fans, giving television interviews, organizing the event and the fluidity of the event, and also constantly checking social media, for all the updates regarding the movie and regarding our King!

This year police had put up barricades and didnt allow to go near mannat, and FANs were asked to stay near the beachside. There was a rush in the atmosphere, Adrenaline rush inside the body! The FANS chanting slogans of King Khan, SRK’s proud Achievements, And about their respective fanclubs, but in the end the chants together turned into SRK SRK SRK, and he comes out to the podium, and waves to the wave of fans, who start jumping the barricades and reach towards the King, the love that no person in the world other than Shah Rukh Khan will ever get!

The Love that doesnt matter, if they may get beaten or punished by the police, but the love to see him live. The fans dancing to his song, throwing T-Shirts at him, and SRK giving hugs to the entire crowd. The sea of Jabra Fans.

The heart really skips a beat when he is out there waving, and you see no crowd, only yourself, and him. Its a personalized feeling. He interacts with all of us!

After that the celebrations begin, yet again SRK UNIVERSE had some of the most unique promotional ideas, with lighted balloons and Lit Bands the entire group with FANs from around the world looked so breathtaking. The atmosphere was pleasantly surreal, like a dream, Magical just like ZERO. The upcoming movie of Shah Rukh Khan. The main theme of SRKUNIVERSE was ZERO this year, and the colours, sparkles, the glitter, the shine, the lighted up balloons, the cake, everything was pretty, but what shined altogether was love of FANS!

The SRKUNIVERSE team took the perfect pictures and videos, amidst the rush of FANS.

The next day there was a party, that SRKUNIVERSE always arranges out of the love for King Khan. This year the party was an amalgamation of the digital heights and of love. I have seen the efforts behind the scene by the team members in organizing the mammoth event. There were cameras that recreated your picture along with Bauua Singh- Character of SRK from ZERO, through augmented reality, there were photographers and creative associates who made bobble heads for you, with the body of Bauua Singh. There was dance, music, and celebrity interaction as well, with well known RJs and media people celebrating along with us. Faridoon Shayar the chief guest of the event from Bollywood Hungama, added the glory to the glitter.

There were so many surprises pre planned for the fans, there were bands, the trailer launch entry passes, and more. The Energy in the hall was unmatchable. The banners of UNIVERSE and ZERO, the cutouts it was all that made the atmosphere magical. The handling of food, ensuring that each member had it properly, keeping the vibe alive with dance performances, if there is something called a perfect event its this.

Even during the Trailer Launch of ZERO, the enthusiasm of SRKUNIVERSE was from heart out of love. There was no mismanagement, lovely joyful people swaying hands in the crowd when we again witnessed SRK.

SRK also entertained the crowd with his beautiful moves and the main thing that I personally love about all of it is that SRK has always maintained a fact that its not a right, but a duty for each fan of his to respect a female fan and assure that they feel safe and comfortable, and SRKUNIVERSE works very hard to assure this, they have the internal information Twitter ID and database of each FAN which makes it possible to track activities.

Also the respect for the female fans, during events and during celebration, protecting them when the uncontrollable crowd pushes through, the safety measures that are taken by them are not told or explained, it is out of discipline of the members. The Respect, the care of the female fans is all of our duty, lets always keep doing it. And The Tour ends with happy memories, and its all about the beautiful moments you carry along, and on the way back someone sees you wearing a Bauua Singh Tshirt and asks you about the Mannat visit, and they also turn a FAN when they listen to all this. It feels so amazing, it feels like a family.

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Medical Student, loving SRK with all his heart, and trying to be as creative as possible for all the love.


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