Can you believe it after over a year now it is ONLY 1 week to Zero??? But surely the wait for this week to pass will be harder than the whole year.

To see Shah Rukh Khan on screen in a cheeky Bauua Singh Avatar and his entire romantic side all over again….is to die for. Such a wonderful buzz has been created around the film with VFX technology at its best with each shot done with 5 takes to get the effects right. And the fact that the BADHSHAH of Bollywood will be a vertically challenged person is intriguing enough … how will he have such a weakness but still spread his charisma!!!!

We have an ace director like Aanand L Rai Sir who absolutely knows the pulse of the audience and then we have wonderful and beautiful actresses in Anushka and Katrina in very challenging roles! And icing to the cake are the melodious and fun songs from AjayAtul and Irshaad Kaamil, where MereNaamTu is a visual treat with beautiful music and deep lyrics we have Shahrukh-Salman bromance with the earthy song Issaqbaazi. The sizzling HusnKaParcham was launched in a grand way with Katrina setting the stage on fire.

The teaser, trailer and songs have broken the internet and YouTube simply cannot handle it.

The promotions for ZERO are in full swing and as usual SRK and team come up with the most brilliant and innovative ideas. Have you ever seen a Twitter account of a character of a film. .. Genius!

And Bauua is so quirky, witty and such a fun character. His conversations with SRK are the best and he has so many shayaris and fundas!

SRK is travelling around India and the world introducing Bauua to everyone and the journey has been fabulous to watch. Anushka and Katrina have also been seen on TV shows having a gala time.

And Red Chillies has of course found ways to keep the audience and fans engaged with #BauuakiToli, virtual reality pictures, social media GIFs, Amazon Alexa, popcorn tubs and loads of contests.

SRKUniverse is as enthusiastic in making Zero reach everyone, we started with a bang on #SRKDay and celebrated our darling Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday in a ZERO themed birthday party.

Our Zero T-shirts and posters are ready with FDFS in 120 cities all booked! Bookings for special shows during Christmas and New Year have begun too.

We had a #ZeroMovement with gifting special people in our lives, an initiative to celebrate life and also celebrated Children’s Day with children from a charity NGO and will be taking them for the movie with us 🙂

BollyCon had our very own Yash as a panelist to discuss Zero and the way SRKUniverse works …. how cool is that.

With events like Malayala Basha Pracharana Sangham 300 kids had a fantastic time dancing to Issaqbaazi and were elated to receive Zero merchandise.

With a week to go we have lots of things still to do…so watch out!

Let’s count down to the biggest blockbuster of the year … 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 …..


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Bhavnidhi Kalra

An eternal SRK lover


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