Team SRKUniverse

Team SRKUniverse works on a voluntary basis around the clock to spread SRKnism and to provide you with the latest news and photos. The giant that SRKUniverse is today, would not have been possible without the strong support of these admins. Here we introduce you the faces behind the wonderful network that is SRKUniverse.
Farhan is the COO of SRKUniverse. He is of Indian descent but born and brought up in Saudi Arabia.  Farhan is a student of marketing. He is Operational Head, over sees the daily operation specially all international branches. He is the right hand man of the SRKUniverse Founder. Currently residing in the US, he makes sure that all Social media accounts are running smoothly and also attends needs and queries all of members world wide. .
Czyrah, 19 years old, and the admin of the SRK Universe Philippines branch. She is a Political Science student in the University of the Philippines Manila.
Anjisha is a Student and also is the admin of SRK Universe Nepal.
Beate Herzog works as customs officer in Vienna. She is Admin of SRK Universe Austria.
Trish is the admin for SRKUniverse USA BRANCH. When not dreaming of SRK, she works in insurance as commercial underwriter.
Michelle is a graphic designer, photographer and political communication advisor at National Assembly of Ecuador. She is the head admin of SRKUniverse Ecuador.
Ineko is the Admin of SRKUniverse Japan. She also helps in translation of articles in Japanese.
Sunil Senma is a die hard fan of Shahrukh Khan. He handles social media for UK branch of SRKUniverse with his admins. He works with a courier company and runs a PR company.
Nur Darina Ghazali is an engineer who runs the Malaysian branch of SRKUniverse. Designing structures by day while loving & admiring SRK for life.
Jihan Shahira is a teacher for students with special needs. She & her friend created SRKFCI in 2002. Then, in 2015 they joined with the biggest SRK FC in the world and became The Official Indonesian Branch of SRKUniverse.
Lina Velez is a senior administrator at SRKUniverse Colombia. She works as a Social Worker.
Zee is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Zee is the Event manager for FDFS’s India & provides assistance on international FDFS’s.
Tania J. Parra Nina is the administrator of SRKUniverse Bolivia. She is an electronic engineering student and Mathematics teacher. Spreading the love for SRK and promoting the culture of India in Bolivia.
Ramona is born and brought up in Milan, Italy. She is the only member and admin of SRKUniverse branch Italy. She handles the show on her own with the sole purpose of getting triumph of SRKnism in Italy!
Priya is the admin of the Australian branch of SRKUniverse. She organizes fan gatherings during SRK film releases, conduct contests for Australian fans and fan projects. Apart from SRKUniverse, she is currently completing my Masters degree in Organisational Psychology and is interested in film and TV, music and social media.
Azra AkkurtShe is 23 years old and a Turk from Cyprus. She is the admin of SRKUniverse Cyprus.